Wedding Transportation


For decades Hunter Motor Coach has been providing transportation for couples tying the knot in the beautiful Hudson Valley region. We offer comfortable transportation at affordable prices. With Hunter Motor Coach wedding transportation can be simple and hassle free.

Wedding services

A Hunter Motor Coach shuttle allows wedding guests to travel safely and efficiently to and from the venue. With Hunter Motor Coach there is no need to worry about guest parking, or guests driving under the influence. Hunter Motor Coach can get them back to their accommodations safely at the end of the night.

Wedding Locations Serviced

Hunter Motor Coach has supplied transportation to couples at many different venues throughout the years.

These venues include:

    Gather Greene, in Coxsackie, NY
    Blenheim Hill Farm, in Jefferson, NY
    Windrift Hall, in Coxsackie, NY
    Gedney Farms In New Marlborough, MA
    The BARN at Liberty Farms, in Ghent, NY
    Windham Manor, in Windham, NY

Important Information

  • No Alcohol or Smoking allowed on the Coach at any time.

  • Departure times and number of shuttles are to be established at the time of reservation. No adjustments or additions will be allowed on the date of travel.

  • No intoxicated, under the influence or abusive passengers will be transported at any time, and may be removed by the driver if necessary, at no cost to Hunter Motor Coach, Inc.

  • Origin and Destination must be able to accommodate at 45' Long, 12' High, 30 Ton Motor Coach without obstruction or limitation. The Motor Coach will only travel on improved highways, streets or roads, and will not at any time travel on dirt roads or paths, loose gravel, grass or fields. The Motor Coach will provide service only to the point of improved highway, street or road, and will not travel on any roads or paths of any kind where there is a weight restriction, height restriction, hanging branches or wires. Passengers will be unloaded at the edge of these areas and will be expected to travel by foot the rest of the way.

  • If your venue does not accommodate a coach your guests will be required to walk from the drop off location

  • There will be no refund of any money paid for service, if for any reason the wedding charter party did not check to make sure that the Motor Coach would be able to travel from the origin to the destination without encountering any of these obstructions or limitations, as it is the obligation of the wedding charter party to have checked these locations to make sure that item 4 could be traveled without issue.

  • Any damage or extra cleaning required to put the Motor Coach back in service will be the responsibility of the wedding charter party, no exceptions. The Motor Coach will be returned in the condition that it was received.

  • If the Motor Coach becomes stuck or damaged at at wedding venue after being directed by either the wedding charter party or the venue staff to a location that does not meet the standards of item 4, all expenses including but not limited to towing and repairs will be the responsibility of the wedding charter party.