• Quote, Confirmation, Booking:

    A charter is booked on receipt of a deposit or balance payment. A quote or receipt of a confirmation is not a booked charter. It is important to follow the deposit and balance information on the confirmation for you to receive the equipment that is needed for your groups travel needs. Charters are booked on a first come, first served basis. Please do not be left out by not following the deposit and balance due payment guidelines on your confirmation.

  • How long is the Quote good for?

    A quote given by Hunter Motor Coach, Inc. is valid for 30 days. If it is longer than that, please check to see if we can still provide the service at that price. Things change.

  • Holding A Bus:

    As stated above, Hunter Motor Coach, Inc. will not "hold a bus" while you find if there is sufficient interest in the charter trip. A bus is reserved when the deposit and or balance is received.

  • Deposit and Balance due:

    When you request a confirmation of the quote we provided you, the deposit due amount and date as well as the balance due amount and date are provided on your contract. As stated above, please follow these dates so as you receive the level of service you contracted for. Deposits are due on receipt of the confirmation. Balances are due 60 days prior to departure. If the charter is booked inside the 60 day window, the balance will be due on receipt of the confirmation.

  • Cancellation:

    A charter may be cancelled up to 48 business hours prior to departure to receive full refund. If the cancellation is inside that time, the deposit is kept as a service charge.NOTE: We understand the concern due to the continuing news on the COVID 19 Virus. If your destination cancels or is closed to your group due to the COVID 19 Virus only, you will receive full refund of any moneys paid to Hunter Motor Coach, Inc. All other cancellations, standard terms apply.

  • Standard Equipment:

    Every one of our coaches are equipped with DVD, & VCR. There is no extra charge for the use of this equipment on your charter or group tour trip

  • Drivers Accommodations:

    All overnight charters are priced plus drivers accommodations. It is the groups responsibility to reserve and pay for the drivers room on all overnight trips. If using multiple coaches, one room is required for each driver.

  • Parking charges:

    All quotes and confirmed charters are plus parking. It is the groups responsibility to pay for the parking of the motor coach at any event, or where specific parking is required.

  • Alcohol:

    If your group wants to consume alcohol on a charter trip, a $500.00 security deposit per bus is required. This fee is included in the balance on the confirmation you receive, with a notation in the itinerary portion of the confirmation. This security deposit is refundable if the motor coach is returned in the condition that it was received at pick up. No mess or damage. The determination on the refund is done by the maintenance staff and office staff, not the drivers. NO KEGS OR BOTTLES are allowed under any circumstances.

  • Sales Tax:

    Transportation is not subject to New York State Sales Tax at this time.

  • Tolls:

    All tolls are included in the price you are quoted. Should a toll increase occur from the time your trip is confirmed before receipt of the deposit or balance due, the increase will be added to the total amount of the charter. If the increase occurs after receipt of the balance, you are not subject to the increase.